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UberEats Working & Cost Per Food Order




Everyone around the world like foods and wish to taste more and more number of dishes. In recent era, food is also become to be ordered online. There are many merchants who deliver food online. People’s also like these kind of technology, as they provide you some fresh and great amount of taste and trust with the order. They also serve large amount of dishes in their menu so you can enjoy the taste of those kind of dishes as well that you haven’t heard before. They provide a very fast delivery service and also provide some cashback or discount offers for their customers. If you didn’t like the packaging and sometimes the order has some defects then you can returned it to and get your full amount of money back in your account.

Here we talk about UberEats, which is an on demand delivery service provided by the Uber App. This is their first expansion products by Uber Technologies Inc. They want to explore their name outside the field of travelling and want to try more. There service partners with top local restaurants in each city and allows users to order directly from same Uber app they use to get a ride. They also promise to deliver their online meal to their customers within atmost 10 minutes. The new interface separates RIDES from EATS and allows users to toggle back and forth between the two options.

Basically Uber first used the idea to deliver food in 2014 with a name of UberFresh at United States. At that time they doesn’t provide too much menu list items to choose from and they don’t have too many locations for food delivery. Launching with a curated menu of a few items per day, UberEATS set out to compete in a competitive online food delivery landscape mainly on speed, promising a delivery time of 10 minutes or less. And now in 2015 Uber renamed its Online food delivery service UberFresh with UberEats. They expand their business to many different cities small and large restaurants and also increases the number of dishes in their menu list. You can order any meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, supper, dinner) and get it within 10 minutes.

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Working of UberEATS

There is no extra effort have to made to order food from new UberEats online food delivery service. It simple as you book a Uber cab or other Uber service from Uber App.

We provide you some easy steps to get your meal in less than 10 minutes.

1) Open the Uber App of latest version

2) Slide over to EATS on the far right of your screen. EATS also is also denoted by a small Plate/Fork/Knife icon.

3) Enter your delivery address (or move the ‘blue pin’ to your present location) and click on ‘View Menu’.

4) Now choose the meals from the menu list and also the quantity.

5) That’s it your meal will be delivered to you within 10 minutes.

As we partnered with many of the reputed Restaurant across the globe. So due to which there are many different varieties of food items that are made in all these Restaurants. As because of which, the orders that are requested by our customers are placed with no delay i.e we already have those items made in any one of our Restaurants. After that when you make the order the delivery packages is distributed to different drivers. Then Uber point out the driver which is carrying the same order with them which the customer order.

UberEats have different time parameters and coverage area. So be sure whether you are in that area or not and order food between the time they specified. For Example, UberEats operates in the following hours in Los Angeles :

  • Brunch (11am – 2pm Saturday & Sunday)
  • Lunch (11am – 2pm Monday to Friday)
  • Dinner (5pm – 8.30pm Monday to Friday)

UberEATS’ drivers are instructed to stay in their vehicle when delivering your food. When your food is close to arriving, you’ll have to head outside — locating your driver (typically, meeting them curb-side) — and walking over to the passenger-side window to pick up your order. This is especially common in cities like Manhattan. You will still have to meet the delivery specialist on the street, or outside your specified delivery location.


How much UberEats cost for food order

Ordering food online or anything will have to cost your money. As they provide number of dishes, all have different cost. It also vary according to the restaurants as well. All the orders generally range from $8 to $13 approx. They also added delivery charges in your order total amount, but it is fixed and cannot be vary according to the locations. They generally take $5 cost as delivery charge. There is also no option of giving tips to delivery driver. If you are very happy with the delivery service then you can give 5 star rating to the delivery driver on the Uber App.

You can order multiple meals at the same time just by clicking on + button to add more meals into your order. And if you’re ordering with other people, you can easily share the cost using the Fare Split feature. There is one thing you want to regret while using UberEats is that you cannot change the order or are not able to customize your order when you made your order from Uber App. Right now UberEats is available in most of the cities of America or international like, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas,Edmonton, Houston, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Ottawa, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Toronto, Washington, D.C..

So enjoy the delicious meal from the newly online food delivery service provided by Uber named UberEats with a very fast delivery time of around less than 10 minutes.

Have a Happy and Delicious meal!!!! 🙂