Paytm Kitkat Offer : Buy Kitkat and get upto Rs. 20 Paytm cash (Now Live)


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Paytm is again promoting a free credit offer for their Paytm users and others as well. Have a sweet taste of Kitkat and get great amount of free Credit Bonanza through Paytm Kitkat Offer. You just have to buy a latest pack of Nestle Kitkat (Purchase those packs which mention about the offer on it ). Now Search out for Paytm coupon code or cash code which is printed inside the pack. You can earn upto Rs. 20 Paytm cash through this offer. Use this cashback credit for shoppng, recharges, bill payments and more on Paytm. But the best part of the offer is that a single user account avail this offer 3 times until the offer period. If the offer sounds amazing and you want to grab it then follow the below steps.

NOTE : This offer is valid till 30th April 2016. Beyond this date you will not be able to redeem this offer

paytm kitkat offer

Paytm Kitkat Offer : Buy Kitkat and get upto Rs. 20 Paytm cash

How yo get Paytm cash on Paytm Kitkat Offer –

1) First go to your nearest shop and purchase a Kitkat pack. Buy those packs of Kitkat which mention about the offer on the wrapper to earn cashback of Rs. 20

2) Now find the Paytm cash code inside the Kitkat pack.

3) After that visit here Paytm Kitkat page

4) Now on that webpage there is a option where you have to enter your Paytm cash code.

5) Click on “Submit” button.

6) After submitting  you will get upto Rs. 20 cashback on you Kitkat Pack

7) You can use the cashback for further recharges, shopping, bill payments on Paytm.

Enjoy the Taste and fill up your Paytm wallet with free cashback credits.


Some FAQ’s about the Paytm KitKat Offer –

1) Is there a Consumer Offer on KIT KAT right now? What is the offer?
I saw an ad about Paytm Cash with KIT KAT. Can you please share more details? What is this promotion?

Yes, there is Consumer Offer on select packs of KIT KAT right now. This is a Free Paytm Cash offer that is running on the KIT KAT 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g) pack and KIT KAT 2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g) pack. Every time you buy a promo pack of 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g ) or a promo pack of 2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g), you will get an assured Paytm cash of Rs. 20 or Rs. 10 respectively (a maximum of 3 redemptions) in your Paytm Wallet by redeeming the unique cash code given in each pack.

2) Which packs of KIT KAT are running the Paytm Offer?
Only select packs of KIT KAT 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g) and 2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g) are running this offer.

3) Where can I find the code on a KIT KAT 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g) /2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g) pack?
The cash code is printed on the inside of the outer red packaging as shown in the image below. Please tear the pack from the crimp carefully to reveal the code inside.

4) I have purchased a KIT KAT 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g) /2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g). It does not have a code. Why?
There may be plain stocks without Paytm promotion also available in the market. If the pack purchased has a blue Paytm promotion flash printed on the front of the pack, then there should be a code inside the laminate. In absence of a code, please call us on 01203062244 or visit us at

5) Till when can I get Paytm cashback?
KIT KAT Promotion is valid till 31st March 2016. Beyond this date, you will not be able to redeem the recharge code.

6) I have purchased a KIT KAT 4F (Rs. 25, 37.3g) /2F (Rs. 10, 12.8g). While opening, I tore the part where the code was printed. The code is not readable now. How can I redeem it?
Each pack has a unique code printed on it. Unfortunately, we cannot service unless you provide a valid code. You can always try another pack of KIT KAT to get more codes.

7) How and where can I shop using my Paytm Cash?
Oh, you can shop across categories of Men, Women, Electronics, Home, Sports & more, right here at Paytm! You can recharge you mobile, DTH and much more. You can shop at the website here or on your Paytm App.

8) I have got an SMS with OTP. What is this?
While creating an account for you on Paytm, for your security, an OTP is sent. Simply enter it on Paytm to verify your account. You will need to go through this step only once.

Terms and Conditions –

1) Paytm coupon code or cash code is valid till 30th April 2016. After that you will not get any kind of cashback credit.

2) A single user account can avail the offer 3 times,

3) Offer is valid from 1 February 2016 to 30th April 2016

4) After purchasing the Products, the participant will get the Coupon code (“Code”) on the packs. After getting this Code, the participant can participate in the Offer in the following manner and avail Paytm Cash. Paytm cash is the term used to define Paytm cash that participant gets when he applies the code on Paytm website.

5) You can use the cashback credit for shopping, recharges on Paytm site.

6) This Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Offer. Products also available without this Offer.

7) On successful application of the Code a onetime addition of respective denomination (Rs 10 or Rs 20) to user’s Paytm wallet will be added. Each code is unique and can be used once. A single user account can avail the offer thrice.

For more information go to Paytm Kitkat Terms & Conditions

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