Mouthshut review And Earn : Unlimited cash + Rs. 50 Per Referral


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Mouthshut review and earn offer gives you an awesome opportunity to make some real cash. You just have to write some review about products and you will earn some points and later on this point can be transferred into your bank account. The more cool thing is you can refer it to your friends and if they join via your referral, you will get points. Here, 1 Ms point is equal to Rs. 1.

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mouthshut review and earn unlimited cash

So when you write a review, you will get 50 Ms. invite your friends and you will get 50 Ms point. For commenting you will get 2 Points and for rating you will be getting 1 points. This is a super cool loot offer.

Mouthshut review And Earn: Unlimited cash + 50 Rs Per Review


How to earn cash from Mouthshut offer :

1) First, create a free account from here Mouthshut offer

2) Provide the necessary details like email id, phone number correctly.

3) Now, you will get a verification message in your email.

4) Click on the verification link.

5) Your account is fully activated.

6) Now, start writing a review about any products.

7) You can write any Number of reviews.

8) Rate or comment on other reviews so that you can get more points.

9) Refer your friends and get Rs. 50 per referral.

10) When you have 500 Ms points, you can encash your points as money to your bank account.


How to use Mouthshut review and earn program :

For writing a review= 50 Ms (Mouth shut point)

For Inviting your friends= 50 Ms.

For commenting on review= 2 Ms.

For rating on review= 1 Ms

For sharing your review= 20 Ms


How much Points earn for writing a review :

Hotels= 30 Ms points.

Health and beauty= 30 Ms points.

Bikes= 30 Ms points.

Computers= 30 Ms points.

books= 30 Ms points.

online shopping= 30 Ms points.

Personal finance= 30 Ms points.

Restaurents= 30 Ms points.

Travel= 30 ms points.

Cars= 30 Ms points.

Builders= 30 ms points.

Colleges= 30 points.

There are 12 categories. and if you write review for each category you will get 12 X 30 Points= 360 points easily. Plus if you refer 10 of your friends you will get 500 points. Total of 500+360 = 860.

This is a super loot offer of mouthshut review and earn program. Grab it before it goes off.


Here are some Guidelines On how to write a review on Mouthshut.

1) Write a detailed review about any product.

2) Your review should add value to that product or services. Do not just write pros of a particular product. write it’s cons also.

3) Share your review on social media.

4) The best News is you can write as many review as you want. there is no such limit.

5) You can earn MS point for one review only once.


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