Freedom 251 Scam or Not? : Freedom 251 makers have some Answers!

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Freedom 251 will be delivered from June 2016 in India

There has been many speculations in the media and people regarding Freedom 251 mobile. Well! Finally the Company Ringing Bells has spoken to the media and cleared some doubts though the questions still remain. Is Freedom 251 Scam or not? Let’s find out the explanations by Ringing Bells spokesperson to questions raised by the media.

Since the launch of what promises to be the most controversial phone in the world this year, and we’re as confused as everyone else. Nothing adds up about the Rs. 251 phone, not even the price tag.

Firstly This is how the Phone is Packed




540×960 pixels

Freedom 251 Scam

Front Camera


Rear Camera







Android 5.1




More Doubts : Freedom 251 Scam [ Are they conducting Freedom251 Fraud Sale ]

1) ICA has checked with all operators in the industry and no one has admitted to have been in any kind of bundling deal or partnership with them. So the consumer should stay cautious. More than consumers, it may hurt businessmen in small towns if the promise made by the company fails.

2) DoT has said the device cannot be manufactured for less than Rs 2,300 and BJP MP Kirit Somaiya even branded it as a scam.

3) Company’s website is just 4-5 months old which started in September 2015 and ‘’ address has been purchased by this month only.

4) Ponzi scheme –  Ringing Bell previously sold a smartphone ‘Smart 101’ for Rs 2,999 and customers could not even get the confirmation after the amount paid online. large number of customers were still waiting for phone’s delivery and registering their online complaint. But it cannot be said that all customers faced this situation.

5) The cheapest smartphone is Trio Trio Smart Touch Phone Junior 3 priced at Rs. 1449 but Freedom 251 Gives much better specs than this phone and is priced at 1/4th of this Chinese Phone. So How’s even that possible?


Freedom 251 scam or not : Answers by Ringing Bells Spokesperson

Question : The phones sent out to journalists for review bore the logo of Adcom Ikon 4 – a Delhi-based importer. And why was the branding covered by a whitener? Even if it was just for demo and a sample phone why did the company fringe into other company products for that, why could not they just order fresh samples from where ever they were trading?


Answer : It was just a show a sample/prototype of what the handsets will look like and not the final piece. The Final Freedom 251 manufactured/ assembled in India would be to identical specs – i.e. no change. There maybe some changes in curvature/ buttons placements for aesthetics, if at all. Mr Sanjiv Bhatia – the Director of ADCOM – had approved of this.


Question : The Freedom 251 demo unit uses a lot of icons that look straight out of iOS like the web browser and the round button at the bottom whereas Apple, and indeed every manufacturer that invests in intellectual property, makes copyrights.


Answer : On a closer look, the UI, even on the prototype, is not identical to Apple. In any case we will have our custom designed new UI for our Final Freedom 251.




Questions : What about Freedom 251 certification process? BIS certifications, Indian Cellular Association (ICA), 3G Registration with Qualcomm and registration with Google Android Developers Platform?


Answer : Application is under filing and we expect to have the Certification in hand well before delivery commences. We are using Spreadtrum Chip instead of Qualcomm.
Google Android Developers Platform Registration.

They handed-over the prototypes FOC to assess the acceptability and vaiidate our concept. The Indian Government is not partnering the Company. We will comply with all required regulations of TRAI and Telecom Authorities in India.


Question : People have been complaining about no delivery or even an order confirmation? Is this just a freedom 251 scam?


Answer : We have delivered Rs 1.7 Crs worth of phones so far. As we have committed we will claim our money only after we complete Delivery on Feb 25, 2016 and after we submit Proof of Delivery.


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2 Responses to “Freedom 251 Scam or Not? : Freedom 251 makers have some Answers!”

  • Sahil February 20, 20169:15 pm

    I wish they are not scammers. I have very high hopes that I’ll get my Freedom251 smartphone.

    • Yogesh thakur February 20, 20169:17 pm

      Wao That’s great, you actually made a booking, because nearly everyone missed this deal. Our Hopes are also High for next booking phase.