Airtel Free Internet Tricks for Android – January 2016


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Airtel has come up with the new 4G network. Now here we are introducing a free internet trick to all of airtel subscribers . You are going to get 250MBs of 3g data once per transaction for free !!!! It has really awesome features like you can enjoy 4g speed in 3g price. You can share a single network with your whole family and the data you have used at night it will go back to your phone in the very next day. These are some of the coolest airtel 4g features.  Airtel Free Internet Tricks is all about get free internet data for your android handset. You will get 250 mb data daily, with minimum moble balance zero. No sim blockage will occur. Enjoy unlimited airtel 3g internet trick with your android handset. How to use the airtel free internet tricks, below are some steps you should remember.

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Airtel Free Internet Tricks for Android

Airtel Free internet Tricks for Android: December 2016


Steps for Airtel Free Internet Tricks

1) You will need airtel 3g/4g sim and one android handset.

2) Next step is to download DROID VPN  from the given link.

3) Go to droid vpn app and register to an account. Now login with your Email ID and Password.

4) A dialog box will appear. You have to click on “i trust the appliction” and the click “ok”.

5) Now Go to setiings > Connection Protocol > click TCP  > HTTP Headers >

6)  Now enter the code given below and click “ok”.
7) Finally click the button connect on droid vpn app. It will get connected within 10 seconds.

8) Now enjoy your free 3g internet.


Airtel free internet tricks for Moto E

1) You will need Moto E  first gen android handset and 2 airtel sim cards.

2)  If you are not having moto E then use it’s build prop file (for advanced users only).

3) Now insert your first airtel sim card in sim slot 1. Turn on mobile data. Click the link . Now click on ‘activate 1gb data for 2 months’ offer. You will get 500 MB of 3G data per month for 2 months.

4) Follow similar process with another sim card and sim slot 2.

5) So, in total you will get 2 gb data for 2 months using this 3g trick. yuppiieeee!!!!!!


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